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          COMPTEK? High-Temperature Polymer Concentrates

          Specialty COMPTEK? formulations for high-heat applications, with the help of select fiber reinforcements, fillers and additives, are customized to meet performance needs for specific applications. Colors are also customizable, including transparent or opaque looks.

          Whether the volume is measured in bags or tons, COMPTEK formulations are ideal for applications such as:

          • Multi-use medical and dental products
          • Aerospace parts
          • Automotive systems
          • Fuel and chemical handling equipment
          • Sensors and pumps


          Developing application-specific formulations requires experience plus a holistic understanding of the demands of end-use industries, plastics processing, and polymer science. PolyOne uses these to recommend an optimal combination – base material, reinforcing fibers, fillers, additives, and design of the part, to meet performance requirements.?

          Every project has different needs. We can help you develop parts that are:

          • Wear resistant: End products such as wear resistant maintenance-free bearings and sleeves
          • Conductive: Electrical and/or thermal conductivity, in molded and extruded parts
          • X-Ray opaque: Used for medical and dental devices. Typical applications are catheters, thin walled tubing and surgical instruments
          • Brilliantly colored: Tremendous expertise and experience in coloring of high-temperature polymers
          • Laser markable, laser weldable
          • Fiber reinforced for even greater mechanical properties

          COMPTEK high-temperature polymer formulations are based on these materials:

          • PSU
          • PES
          • PEI
          • PPS
          • PPSU
          • PEEK
          • LCP

          COMPTEK joined PolyOne in late 2016. For more information, visit COMPTEK here.