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          Colorant Chromatics? Cross-Linked Formulations

          Bonded for enhanced properties

          By blending in a combination of special additives, high-temperature,?functional?formulations?can be cross-linked when exposed to electron beam radiation. Cross-linking refers to the bond between two different polymer molecules to create new chains with improved properties. Colorant Chromatics? cross-linked formulations offer reliability and consistent quality for the?high-end aerospace industry. Improved cut-through resistance, abrasion resistance and mechanical toughness are all features of this product range.?

          Available in small and large quantities in off-the-shelf or in tailor-made, proprietary formulations, cross-linked formulations offer multi-functional performance in a single product.?Products are available in pre-colored or custom colored formulations.

          Available for the following resins:

          • ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF, THV