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          Maxxam? XST: TPO Formulations

          Use Maxxam XST for a quality look that lasts

          Looking for a thermoplastic olefin (TPO) formulation for your automotive interior design? Look no further. Our TPO grades offer an exceptional balance of stiffness and impact performance, even in cold temperatures.

          Our material is scratch and mar resistant, making it an excellent choice for products that need to maintain their quality look and finish.

          If you need custom products to achieve exact specifications, our materials development team will work with you to create or identify materials that solve issues such as warping, density reduction?and cost efficiency, with an eye toward minimizing the effect on your existing tools and production environment.


          • Scratch and mar resistant
          • Natural, black or colors
          • High flow grades
          • UV stabilized
          Name Category Description  
          Maxxam? Filled & Reinforced Polyolefins Selection Guide
          Product Selection Guide
          Explore detailed information on the complete line of filled and reinforced polymer polyolefins for injection molding and blow molding.
          Maxxam? Polyolefin Formulations - Processing Guide
          Processing Guides
          Injection molding parameters, startup and shutdown, mold design and troubleshooting recommendations for Maxxam? Polyolefin Compounds