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          General Engineered Formulations

          Learn how our team can work with you to design a custom-formulated product to fit your precise application needs. Fine-tune your product with a wide range of polymer additives and colorant systems to strike the optimum balance of price and performance. Our solutions extend beyond polymer systems to services that can guide you from design conception to manufacturing.? ? ? ??

          Nymax?/ Bergamid? Polyamide Formulations

          The versatile nylon product line allows design engineers to tailor their material selections to balance application demands with cost and performance.


          Edgetek? ABS, PC, PC/ABS Formulations

          This formulation is ideal in precision parts that require high dimensional stability. ? ? ? ? ??


          Bergadur? Polyester Formulations

          Bergadur? semi-crystalline PBT compounds are an ideal choice for applications in a variety of industries, including transportation, household, and electrical and electronic.


          Maxxam? LO: Low Odor Talc-Filled Polypropylene

          This suite of olefin grades is designed to meet the most stringent odor requirements in automotive HVAC applications, all without compromising performance or aesthetics.


          Maxxam? XST: TPO Formulations

          Formulated to provide long lasting quality for automotive interiors, Maxxam XST grades are ideal for delivering a quality look that lasts.