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          Edgetek? Formulations for 5G

          Faster is the key to 5G. As 5G infrastructures are rapidly being deployed, EdgetekTM Formulations are the answer to meeting the requirements of 5G base station antenna applications. From design flexibility to easy processing, our customizable materials can dial in specific Dk (Dielectric Constant) /Df (Dissipation Factor) values to meet manufacturing requirements, helping you reduce lead times and increase speed to market. Several formulations are compatible with the surface-mount technology (SMT) process, and can be used to create 3D circuit boards for 5G equipment.


          • Faster design qualification and shorter lead times
          • Customizable for Dk and Df values
          • Accelerated speed to market
          • Design flexibility
          • High heat resistance
          • Compatible with SMT
          Name Category Description  
          Edgetek? Formulations for 5G Base Station Antenna Applications
          Application Bulletin
          Discover how PolyOne custom polymer formulations make the difference for 5G base station antenna phase shifts