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          Biopolymer Formulations

          reSound™ NF Natural Fiber Reinforced Formulations

          Strong and Sustainable

          reSound™ NF natural fiber reinforced solutions provide a highly engineered, strong and sustainable alternative to glass fiber reinforced formulations, with a lower density and more favorable Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

          reSound NF offers significant mechanical properties including tensile and flexural properties, weight reduction, and impact strength. These specialty polymers can also be processed with standard machinery and tooling at low injection molding temperatures.

          The combination of superior performance and low density makes reSound NF solutions an excellent choice for technical applications in many industries such as automotive.

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          Bio-derived Content


          • Bio-based, reducing the carbon footprint
          • 5 to10 percent lower density compared to glass fiber solutions
          • Superior thermo-mechanical properties
          • Injection moldable in standard equipment and in existing molds
          • Low abrasion generated on tooling, low processing temperatures
          • Ability to reuse virtually all scrap

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