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          Pultrusion and Continuous Filament Winding Technology

          Founded in 1978, Glasforms? is one of the world's most respected brands in fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) and advanced composites. Leverage our advanced composite manufacturing capabilities and collaborative solutions-based engineering services to create specialized pultruded and continuous filament wound composite rods, tubes, poles, springs, and custom profiles to meet your specific requirements.

          Glasforms? Pultruded Rods

          Glasforms? Pultruded Rods, Tubes & Custom Profiles

          Custom cross-sectional rods and profiles for any length with consistent and uniform quality throughout?

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          Glasforms? Continuous Filament

          Glasforms? Continuous Filament Wound Tubes & Poles

          Constant cross-section and tapered epoxy tubing for lightweight, stiff poles with maximum durability

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          Composite Springs

          Composite Springs

          Raise the bar on fatigue life and design flexibility with unidirectional thermoset composite springs for industrial and consumer applications

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