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          Pultruded Rods, Tubes & Custom Profiles

          Glasforms™ Pultruded Rods, Tubes & Custom Profiles

          Stiffness, Strength, & Weight Reduction

          Glasforms' pultrusion process creates continuous, constant cross-section profiles with consistent, uniform quality and exceptional mechanical performance. These continuous fiber-reinforced polymer composites are ideal in applications where high stiffness and light weight performance are critical.

          Standard and custom shapes and sizes are available with a variety of resins including polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy, and reinforcements including mat/roving (MR-GFRP) or unidirectional (U-GFRP) fiberglass, or high performance unidirectional carbon fiber.

          Our design and engineering experts can help select the materials to meet your specific stiffness, weight, strength, flex, density, and tensile requirements.

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          Renewable Energy Applications


          • Exceptionally high mechanical properties for lightweight structures
          • Linear, constant cross-section profiles
          • Continuous, automated manufacturing process
          • Custom shapes and sizes
          • Consistent, uniform quality and material properties


          Technical Data Sheets

          Browse our library of product data sheets containing technical descriptions and details.

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          Carbon Fiber Reinforced Rods, Bars and Laminates

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          Glasforms Electrical Components

          Composite materials for power transmission and distribution products

          Typical Properties
          PropertyTest ProcedureGlass Fiber Reinforced ProfilesCarbon Fiber Reinforced ProfilesMultiaxial Glass Reinforced Profiles
          Glass Content, % by weightASTM D258465-757545-55
          Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa)ASTM D3916 / D638110-150 (750-1000)405 (2800)45-60 (310-415)
          Tensile Modulus, Msi (GPa)ASTM D3916 / D6385.5-7.0 (38-48)24 (165)2.6-3.5 (18-24)
          Flexural Strength, ksi (MPa)ASTM D4476 / D790100-130 (700-900)180 (1200)65 (450)
          Flexural Modulus, Msi (GPa)ASTM D4476 / D7905.5-6.5 (38-45)21 (145)2.1-2.7 (15-19)
          Compressive Strength, ksi (MPa)ASTM D69560-110 (415-750)150 (1000)40 (275)
          Density, lbs/in3 (g/cm3)ASTM D792.068-.073 (1.9-2)0.058 (1.6)0.066 (1.8)
          Barcol HardnessASTM D258350-6050-6050-60
          Name Category Description  
          Advanced Composites Overview - Brochure
          PolyOne’s reinforced composite technologies use carbon, glass and aramid fibers with custom formulated thermoset or thermoplastic resins in continuous forming processes
          Glasforms? and Gordon Composites? Carbon Fiber Reinforced Rods, Bars and Laminates for Strengthening, Stiffening and Lightweighting - Product Bulletin
          Product Bulletin
          Product description for Glasforms™ and Gordon Composites™ carbon fiber reinforced rods, bars and laminates, as well as the value solution, key characteristics, uses, applications and technical properties
          Glasforms? Electrical Components - Product Selection Guide
          Product Selection Guide
          Learn more about composite materials for power transmission and distribution products.
          Smart Materials? Advanced Composites for Demanding Applications - eBook
          Take a comprehensive look at composite materials to help you identify the best solution for your needs
          Thermoset Advanced Composites Product Selection Guide
          Product Selection Guide
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          Underbody Automotive Brace - Case Study
          Case Study
          A new Glasforms™ composite brace saves weight and improves structural integrity for a major US automotive OEM

          Case Study: Composite Chassis Stiffener Brace

          Glasforms pultrusion technology helps automaker reduce weight and improve performance

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