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          Markers and Delineators

          Glasforms? Fiberglass Reinforced highway delineators, utility markers and recreation markers offer the perfect blend of strength and flexibility for easy installation and a long service life. Naturally rust, rot and corrosion resistant, they can withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for harsh outdoor conditions. Marker posts and highway delineators are designed to stand up to vehicle impacts and return to an upright position without breakage.


          marker post

          Flexible Markers

          Choose from a selection of fiberglass reinforced markers that make (and take) an impact.


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          snow pole

          Snow, Hydrant & Driveway Markers

          Improve demarcation and visibility when the going gets tough.

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          Round Markers & Test Stations

          Increase visibility and provide protection even in harsh conditions.

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          Download the Catalog: Markers & Delineators

          Continuous fiber reinforced highway, utility and recreation markers that can make (and take) an impact

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