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          Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composite Panels

          Lightweight, Strong, & Durable

          Constructed of Polystrand™ continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic facesheets thermally bonded with a variety of internal core materials including thermoplastic foam and honeycomb core, these engineered composite panels are constructed without secondary adhesives for a stronger bond and more efficient manufacturing process.

          These panels are designed and customized to maximize performance and minimize weight. By configuring facesheet layers, thicknesses, and fiber content in combination with the right core material selection, we can help you achieve your specific design and performance requirements.

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          • Superior strength to weight ratio vs. other materials such as wood and aluminium
          • Uniform high quality
          • UV, chemical, and moisture resistance
          • High impact strength
          • Suited for a wide range of end use applications, including boat decks, RV bunks, storm shelters and shipping containers


          Overview: Advanced Composites

          Learn more about our comprehensive Advanced Composites portfolio

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          CFRTP Advantages & Applications

          Explore the functionality and versatility of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

          Name Category Description  
          Advanced Composites Overview - Brochure
          PolyOne’s reinforced composite technologies use carbon, glass and aramid fibers with custom formulated thermoset or thermoplastic resins in continuous forming processes
          Advanced Composites Webinar
          Webinars & Videos
          Take a closer look at the benefits of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. 
          Glasforms? and Polystrand? Composite Sandwich Panels for RV Industry - Application Bulletin
          Application Bulletin
          Capabilities, features, benefits, impact, and technical data for Glasforms™ and Polystrand™ RV composite panel applications 
          Glasforms? and Polystrand? Railcar Composite Panels - Application Bulletin
          Application Bulletin
          Capabilities, features, benefits, impact, and technical data for Glasforms™ and Polystrand™ railcar panel applications
          Hammerhead Marine Panels - Application & Installation Guide
          Application Bulletin
          Learn about Hammerhead™ Marine Composite Panels are made from continuous glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic face sheets and polyester foam cores
          Polystrand Composite Reinforced Panels - Application Bulletin
          Application Bulletin
          Polystrand Nonwoven/Composite Panels for vehicle interiors 
          Polystrand – Processing Guide
          Processing Guides
          Guide to processing Polystrand™ Thermoforming Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
          Polystrand? Product Selection Guide
          Product Selection Guide
          Polystrand™ material properties, capabilites, product nomenclature and lamination lay-up configurations
          Smart Materials? Advanced Composites for Demanding Applications - eBook
          Take a comprehensive look at composite materials to help you identify the best solution for your needs
          Webinar: Composite Sandwich Panels
          Webinars & Videos
          Explore Design & Material Selection of Composite Panels for Structural Components
          Whitepaper: CFRTP Advantages & Applications
          White Paper
          Explore the functionality and versatility of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

          Webinar: Composite Sandwich Panels

          Explore design & material selection of composite panels for structural components

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