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          Investor Relations

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          Collaboration. Innovation. Excellence.

          2018 Annual Report

          PolyOne Corporation, with 2018 revenues of $3.5 billion, is a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. The company is dedicated to serving customers in diverse industries around the globe by creating value through collaboration, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Guided by its Core Values, Sustainability Promise and No Surprises PledgeSM, PolyOne is an ACC Responsible Care??certified company committed to its customers, employees, communities and shareholders through ethical, sustainable and fiscally responsible principles.?

          Learn more by viewing and downloading our 2018?annual report.?

          To view previous annual reports click here.

          Register for Online Delivery of Proxy Materials

          PolyOne Shareholders now have the convenience of electronic delivery of the Proxy Statement and Annual Report to Shareholders?via the link above. Electronic delivery will help the environment and reduce printing and mailing costs associated with the traditional mail delivery.


          Nov 07, 2019

          PolyOne Announces Appointment of Woon Keat Moh to President of Color, Additives and Inks... More

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          PolyOne Completes Sale of Performance Products and Solutions... More

          Oct 22, 2019

          PolyOne Announces Third Quarter 2019 Results... More

          Oct 10, 2019

          PolyOne Announces Ninth Consecutive Annual Increase in Quarterly Dividend... More

          Oct 07, 2019

          PolyOne To Hold Third Quarter 2019 Conference Call... More

          Sep 18, 2019

          PolyOne Presents Solutions to Support Circular Economy... More

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