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          Mobility Solutions


          Looking to reduce weight while maintaining performance? Want to find a better way to manage heat under the hood or in lighting systems? What about harmonizing color or preventing wear?

          Whether you’re working on high-speed rail, military transports or the next generation automobile, our transportation materials and expertise can help you break new ground, meet challenges and overcome obstacles.

          To break the status quo and enhance vehicle quality and performance, you need suppliers who understand your goals, not just for today, but for the future.

          Our global polymer experts have the solutions you need to?bring new projects to life with the style and performance that will beat your customers’ expectations.

          FOCUS AREAS



          From the headlight to the taillight, your innovative automotive design and manufacturing ideas can come zooming to life with the right materials.



          Truck operators are in it for the long haul. Make sure they’re safe and comfortable in a truck built with lightweight, durable, and strong materials.


          Advanced Mobility

          Modern vehicles are a complex convergence of advanced engineering and smart technology—built with advanced, smart materials.


          Aerospace & Rail

          Whether carrying soldiers to a mission or executives to a meeting, military and commercial transports demand materials that meet demanding functional and regulatory requirements.


          Agriculture & Construction

          From excavation to cultivation, working the land requires equipment that can hack it in any element. Build your earthmovers with durable, structural materials that stand up to any challenge.