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          Time-Saving Innovations


          In the appliance industry, you're faced with a number of challenges: to be innovative, while also controlling costs and creating safe, durable, sustainable products that are appealing to consumers. From flame-retardant housings to internal structural components and wiring, our unparalleled product breadth can provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of customizable solutions that face your challenges head-on.

          Whether you're looking for polymers, colorants and additives, or design and manufacturing support for material selection, part and tool design, process optimization, and troubleshooting, we can help. Our Innovation Centers can replicate your molding operations and are equipped to run your tools directly, enabling us to make recommendations that get you up and running quickly, and keep you running efficiently.

          FOCUS AREAS


          Major Appliances

          The major appliance marketplace is demanding (to put it mildly).? Find relief and inspiration from among our customized solutions, and start creating products your customers will love and your operations will adore.


          Small Appliances

          You have the freedom to innovate with our comprehensive range of material options for internal and external small appliance components.